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Lots of features included

Use StoreMantis To Design a Beautiful Online Store

Use StoreMantis to get a great looking, hassle-free ecommerce site. You can customize any template to meet your needs.

Get Gorgeous

Easily build a beautiful online store with themes, point-and-click design tools and customizable CSS/HTML. Need help? Contact our support team for free customization services.

Build a Mobile App.

Create an easy to use ecommerce mobile app for iOS and Android! App features include real time inventory synchronization, unified shopping cart, all payment gateways support, wishlist, order history, product search engine, user registration, address book and lots more! Download our demo app from the Google Play store.

Build a free Mobile Website

The Mobile Website is a special web application that is highly optimized for mobile devices. It is very similar to our mobile app and gives your users a mobile app experience without the need to download your app! Once enabled, your visitors will automatically be forwarded to the mobile website when they visit your store with their mobile devices.

Try out this demo of our Demo Store mobile site.

Accept online payment

Choose from a variety of payment gateways such as GTPay (Gtbank), Access CIPG (Access Bank), Diamond Webpay (Diamond Bank), Fidelity Paygate (Fidelity Bank), Stanbic MyBluePay (StanbicIBTC Bank) e.t.c .

If you're starting from scratch, StoreMantis Checkout will have you set up in no time.

Customize your products

No other ecommerce platform gives you such control over your products, from unlimited, fully customizable options to flexible product rules and inventory tools.

No Hidden Fees

We’re all about transparency. Unlike other platforms, we don’t sneakily surprise you with hidden fees, bandwidth overage charges, or anything else that limits your success.

Increased conversions

From product reviews and recommendation engines to wish lists and product comparisons, StoreMantis helps you turn shoppers into buyers.

Best-in-class support

Our support team is always availabale to help you with everything from setting up your store to making your online business a success.