Competing with Big Retailers: How Small Online Businesses Can Thrive

Dec 18, 2023

Competing with Big Retailers: How Small Online Businesses Can Thrive

In today's digital age, small online businesses face tough competition from big retailers. These big players have the resources and budgets to dominate the market, making it challenging for smaller businesses to succeed. However, with the right strategies and tools, small online businesses can thrive and carve out their own niche in the industry. One such tool that can level the playing field for small online businesses is StoreMantis.

StoreMantis is a powerful online store builder that helps you build beautiful online stores. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities designed to support small businesses in their journey towards success. Let's explore how StoreMantis can help small online businesses compete and thrive in the face of big retailers.

1. Store Management

StoreMantis provides a comprehensive store management system that allows small businesses to efficiently manage their online stores. From product inventory and pricing to order processing and customer management, StoreMantis offers a seamless and intuitive interface to handle all aspects of running an online store.

With StoreMantis, small businesses can easily keep track of their inventory, update product listings, and manage pricing strategies. This level of control and organization is vital for small businesses looking to compete with big retailers.

2. Order Processing

Efficient order processing is crucial for small online businesses to meet customer expectations and deliver a seamless shopping experience. StoreMantis offers a streamlined order processing system that allows businesses to efficiently manage and fulfill orders.

From order tracking to automated notifications, StoreMantis ensures that small businesses can handle the order processing workflow effectively and deliver orders on time. This is a critical factor in building customer trust and loyalty, which is essential for competing with big retailers.

3. Shopping Cart and Checkout

StoreMantis provides a user-friendly shopping cart and checkout process that enhances the overall customer experience. The platform offers a range of features such as guest checkout, multiple payment options, and secure SSL encryption to ensure a smooth and secure purchasing process.

A seamless shopping cart and checkout experience is crucial for small businesses to convert website visitors into customers. StoreMantis enables small businesses to provide a professional and reliable purchasing process, which can help them stand out from big retailers.

4. Responsive Design

In today's mobile-driven world, having a responsive website is non-negotiable. StoreMantis offers responsive design themes that ensure your online store looks great and functions well across all devices.

With StoreMantis, small businesses can provide a consistent and user-friendly browsing experience to their customers, regardless of whether they are accessing the store through a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. This is essential for competing with big retailers who already have mobile optimization strategies in place.

5. Themes and Customization

StoreMantis offers a wide variety of themes and customization options to help small businesses create visually appealing and unique online stores. With a range of design templates and customization tools, small businesses can create their own brand identity and stand out from the crowd.

By creating a visually appealing and unique online store, small businesses can capture the attention of their target audience and differentiate themselves from big retailers. StoreMantis empowers small businesses to create their own online store that reflects their brand personality and values.

6. Specialized Mobile Website

StoreMantis goes beyond responsive design and offers a specialized mobile website feature. This feature enables small businesses to create a mobile-specific version of their online store, optimized for the unique needs and preferences of mobile users.

By offering a specialized mobile website, small businesses can provide an enhanced browsing and purchasing experience to mobile users, giving them a competitive edge over big retailers who may not prioritize mobile optimization.

7. Easy management with mobile app

StoreMantis offers a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices, allowing small businesses to manage their online stores on the go. The mobile app sends push notifications for new orders, ensuring that small businesses can stay connected and responsive to customer needs at all times.

This level of flexibility and convenience is especially important for small businesses that may not have a dedicated team or resources to handle online store management. With StoreMantis, small business owners can easily manage their stores and serve their customers, even while on the move.


Competing with big retailers may seem daunting for small online businesses, but with the right strategies and tools, they can thrive and succeed in the market. StoreMantis is a powerful online store builder that provides small businesses with the essential features and functionalities to compete with big players. From store management and order processing to responsive design and mobile optimization, StoreMantis empowers small businesses to create beautiful online stores and deliver seamless shopping experiences.

So, if you are a small online business looking to level the playing field and compete with big retailers, consider using StoreMantis as your online store builder. With StoreMantis, you can turn your entrepreneurial dream into a thriving reality.

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